¿ Cuánto tiempo esperaré al código de desbloqueo de red ?

Tiempo de espera al código de desbloqueo para los teléfonos LG es de 1 a 24 horas.

El tiempo medio para obtener el código es de 3 horas 21 minutos. El tiempo medio ha sido calculado en base a las 50 últimas órdenes de pedido presentadas por nuestros clientes.



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  • Correcto esta desbloqueado el lg g flex.gracias

    patricia - 2017-04-01 13:33:10

  • El codigo me brego super bn y todo esta bregando bn super bueno

    Ismael - 2016-10-20 14:25:13

  • No creí q fuera tan fácil, mi lg gflex se liberó rápidamente, ahora intentaré liberar otros móviles que tengo, muchas gracias

    Mario Noe - 2016-08-08 15:15:27

  • Ha sido de una gran ayuda muchas gracias

    rafael - 2016-04-11 15:56:42

  • Liberado rapidamente y a la primera, realmente rapido y eficaz. Gracias

    Francisco - 2015-09-15 12:10:57

¿ Cómo introducir el código al teléfono LG G Flex ?

1. Encender el dispositivo con la tarjeta SIM del operador original.
2. Marcar PIN si lo pide.
3. Introducir 2945#*xxx#
4. Aparecerá un menú de desbloqueo, seleccionar "Sim unlock" (Desbloquear SIM).
5. Seleccionar "Network Lock" (BLOQUEO DE RED).
6. Introducir el código de liberación NCK/SIM_UNLOCK y pulsar en OK (o Seleccionar o Reiniciar).
7. El terminal se reiniciará y quedará liberado.

!Ojo! En lugar de xxx hay que poner digitos de modelo de LG (sin letras).
Por ejemplo: LG gt540 (xxx=540), LG ku990 (xxx=990), LG P990 (xxx=990), etc.

* Prueba con tarjetas de otro operador si no tiene la original o sin tarjeta, a veces funciona.

! En algunos teléfonos para ingresar el código hay que entrar a Configuración/ajustes - Seguridad - Simlock (Bloqueo Sim), introducir el código y pulsar OK.

Otro método:
1. Encender el teléfono con una tarjeta SIM no aceptada (de otro operador).
2. El teléfono preguntará por el código.
3. Introducir el código recibido de liberar-tu-movil.es
4. Confirmar y LG ya está desbloqueado!


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Correcto esta desbloqueado el lg g flex.gracias

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Us³uga ekspresowa Telefon odblokowany :) Polecam ka¿demu

2016-12-03 13:47:24 Tran

The code itself worked well for me, but people who own a KDDI (au) G Flex should follow the instructions in the following link: http://satsuma-kasasa.seesaa.net/article/428062740.html to downgrade the firmware version so that they can call out the hidden menu and insert the unlock code. The article is in Japanese but you can use google for translating.

2016-11-03 12:12:35 Alex

Was awesome service could of been a lil faster as well as possible provided the internet and but over all I am very happy with the price and the fact I was able to understand step by step in given more then one options

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No creí q fuera tan fácil, mi lg gflex se liberó rápidamente, ahora intentaré liberar otros móviles que tengo, muchas gracias

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Very fast and extremely reliable. The advertised turn around time was about 50 minutes, but I received the code in less than 20minutes and it worked as a charm. I am happy to say that you've got my business now. Thank you

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2015-06-12 18:47:19 Lavandeep

Dear Team, My phone is locked again due to some phone update.I am moved out of Japan hence i do not have AU sim card. Kindly guide me on how to unlock the phone . I have to unlock few more new phones as well after unlocking this phone

2015-06-05 05:21:31 jon

Worked great. Very fast delivery time. THX

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I unlocked an LG Flex from Claro Puerto Rico and got my unlock code in less than ten minute. Very Satisfied thank you

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I was skeptical, seems like when you Google you find a lot about how this service does not and can not work. Its because the carriers hate it... trying to free my phone has been a nightmare and I own it outright. This service saved me in time and money money, i was going to have to wait a month before they could bill me for early termination and free my phone phone. 5 out of 5, im a real person. It was about 10.50$ in usd on march 5th 2015.

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Received code in record time. I use this company all the time. Thanks great service.

2014-12-15 21:43:15 Rose

well the code worked, i used the unlocked service provider code and it was sucessful, but now the phone is saying "no service" and when attempt to redo the process to enter the unlock code again, it says "the phone is not personalized" can you please tell me what this means and what I can do. Thanks

2014-11-24 20:11:26 eduardo

it work very good and fast I only concern about the cost for nokia is very expensive

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Did the job in five minutes. I needed a little more time because I did not have a card from the original carrier, but I tried doing the procedure with the new card and it worked. Keep on the good work

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