¿ Cuánto tiempo esperaré al código de desbloqueo de red ?

Tiempo de espera al código de desbloqueo para los teléfonos HTC de la base más reciente es de 1 minuto a 2 horas.

El tiempo medio para obtener el código es de 10 minutos. El tiempo medio ha sido calculado en base a las 50 últimas órdenes de pedido presentadas por nuestros clientes.



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  • Muy bien servicio, quedó liberado y sin problemas

    Nestor Javier - 2018-03-07 15:11:48

¿ Cómo introducir el código al teléfono HTC U11 ?

1. Encender HTC U11 con una tarjeta SIM no aceptada por el terminal, es decir de otro operador.
2. Si la tarjeta SIM tiene el PIN, introducirlo y pulsar OK. Si tiene puesto un código de seguridad marcarlo y pulsar en OK.
3. A continuación HTC U11 pedirá un código de RED ("código de Bloqueo de SIM" o "código de desbloqueo de la tarjeta SIM").
4. Introducir el código de desbloqueo y pulsar OK.

A veces es necesario hacer Hard Reset [antes guarda los datos importantes (contactos, fotos, etc.)].


2020-04-10 10:23:33 Zoe

Amazing very quick service.

2020-03-21 14:21:20 judith

Innerhalb von 15 Minuten war das Handy entsperrt Wahnsinn Hatte meine Zweifel, ob es wirklich funktioniert.

2020-03-20 09:23:22 Piotr

Kod w mniej jak 10 minut. D³u¿ej mi zajê³o szukanie karty innego operatora, ni¿ zamówienie. Oczywi¶cie, obs³uga na 5 gwiazdek

2020-02-05 13:49:22 Simon

Nice it worked

2020-01-26 14:41:32 bob

All good ,only took 15 minutes start to finish

2020-01-26 14:40:56 bob

All good ,only took 15 minutes start to finish

2020-01-19 10:29:01 yukinko

SIM unlock successfully Thank you

2020-01-13 09:44:35 Magda

Thank you for help is was very quickly and easy :) Thanks

2020-01-08 11:13:36 £ukasz

Super us³uga. £atwo i szybko .Polecam

2019-10-05 16:12:12 Mario Ionut

Working for the moment. Keeping you updated. Thank you

2019-09-29 11:00:13 Gabor

The second code worked, delivered in minutes.

2019-09-22 15:00:28 Catalin

Very fast service. Worked perfectly for HTC U11, got 2 codes, one worked. 😍

2019-09-09 09:08:49 Marcus

Code came through in 5 mins, 2nd of the two possible codes worked without reset

2019-09-06 16:44:44 Matt

Brilliant. Second code worked. No reset required.

2019-09-02 09:09:03 Eko

Your service was adorable,i'm impressed of it

2019-07-28 11:08:53 fiqie

it's good it's work and this very very useful GOOD

2019-07-14 11:24:29 Keiichi

A cheap, quick, accurate and reliable service and highly recommendable.

2019-07-01 23:31:38 Kevin

Excellent thanks 😁

2019-05-20 16:20:33 Hiro

I could easily unlock the HTC U11 SIM lock This product is very nice. I also want to use the next

2019-04-26 09:02:02 Daniel

Jestem bardzo zadowolony Simlock zosta³ bardzo szybko i sprawnie usuniêty polecam

2019-03-27 20:16:43 lewatis

Service was extremely quick. I can't use the code though.

2019-02-03 20:37:22 Gordon

Nice very quick service but I do not agree to pay anyone to unlock a mobile phone it should be available. For anyone who wants to unlock there phone phones should not be locked before people buy them this is tampering with peoples property for a money making rackett well agonized

2019-01-18 08:40:32 AAA

Thanks. SoftBank 601HT

2019-01-07 10:36:45 Andy

First code didn't work. Second code worked after hard reset

2018-12-28 08:56:34 Tadashi

very nice for sofbank601ht

2018-11-29 13:08:55 Dave

As promised, code received within 10 minutes. Received two codes, last ones able to unlock my HTC U11 Softbank.

2018-11-07 10:08:07 Katsu

????????????????????? Excellent. My HTC U11 was successfuly unlocked and working with no problem

2018-11-03 11:52:56 Damien

Rapide et efficace. Merci

2018-08-08 14:36:12 Takashi

Super easy and fast to unlock my HTC U11 from Japan.

2018-07-16 03:28:27 HTC

Good service, thanks.

2018-06-02 15:13:21 vikrant

Good service, thanks.

2018-05-12 15:19:08 Apostolis

All good as expected Great Service & ultra fast. A++++

2018-05-07 10:16:56 Pawel

5 minutes and I've had a code that unlocked my phone, Thanks

2018-03-16 09:23:03 daniel

The second code worked perfect and i get it very fast 10+

2018-03-09 16:28:23 Mathew

Second code worked, only waited 2 mins

2018-03-07 15:11:48 Nestor Javier

Muy bien servicio, quedó liberado y sin problemas

2018-03-05 14:15:43 Julien

Envoi du code assez rapide.

2018-02-14 09:53:31 Demelza

Very quick coming back with my unlock code less than ten minutes and very reasonably priced .very happy with the service.

2018-01-25 10:40:09 Mariusz

Super serwi goraco polecam Realny fast

2017-12-12 03:33:50 Davide

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2017-11-28 15:04:41 GK

Used on 2 devices. Has worked both times. Reasonably priced, reliable service.

2017-11-20 13:03:18 Kazuki

service staff are kindly.

2017-10-10 15:56:45 tommaso


2017-09-28 15:18:36 Rebecca

Absolutely brilliant highly recommend unlocked phone within seconds

2017-09-18 16:06:13 Peter

First Class service, Thank you now i can use my phone outside of Europe without paying over the top roaming prices.

2017-09-15 10:53:56 DUBRAVKO

Fast and accurate...Value for money.

2017-09-13 11:49:53 Ian

This service is BRILLIANT in less than 5 minutes phone working. CHEERS

2017-08-07 10:58:56 Andrzej

Mój htc u11 zosta³ odblokowany. Gor±co polecam serwis simlock24. Dajê 5 gwiazdek. Cena za us³ugê nie jest wygórowana. Dziêkujê